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Related article: Date: Monday, December 20, 2010 11 56 54th 0000 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 65 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be Lolita Top Sites in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** AND... If you managed to order n with this epic so long, then you deserve a Christmas drink, so have a good time and I metaphorically in the new year the final chapters - sad but true. Comments as always welcome. Merry Christmas ****************************** ****** ************** ****************************** ************ ****** Chapter 65 - something to chew " ! Oi wanker" Nigel jumped behind the gym Wall whs, Lolita Top Sites saw art Going dreamy, as always with a hand deep into the pocket. " It's fucked up I have to jump ! " Surprise, a sort of stopped short and then smiled. "However, he said they were? You saw me ? " Lolita Top Sites " YER ` Of course I was fucking forget! "Nigel looked to see that no one was looking and put her ass in hand Along the way, who instinctively felt by the elastic underpants and vibrated through his pants. " I want to get into this today ! " "What I feel, you can get 'em now, is much more fun than WOT I've spent so far. " type response sounds rather flat. " What boy, do not look very happy. " Nigel looked into the face of s. "He's been crying? " "Keep yer voice down. " Art looked around. "Yes, that's the honest whore ' response n" " Oh, shit ' Wot! " " WOT in fucking action! " " Well, I want to talk about it? "Nigel moved quietly from underwear predator protection measures that the way of his brother. " If you like," Art on the floor saw, then started to go ", alsoYes, I spose I do shit! I'm fine, we talked in the morning break. Yes? " " right. We 're going in the spring of registration before the whole damn School will start in "making the bell ring at any time. " Said Nigel catch up with him. " Look, it's that art and Nigel at the entrance there ?" Said Tom Alex pushing, if you just around the gym. Could be n " Yer, but not very well tell me it is. This is Simon, the heart desires n You talk about 'em, right? " Alex said. "'I spose, but I have yet seen ? Select" " No, but it is difficult for someone in this group is not it? Now the bells point Picadilly Circus sounds like it's gone! "Alex looked around dozens of students, all of whom were reluctant to n in the direction of the door. ", you have" asked Tom. " No, it's just an expression innit ? " Alex said. "That's in London innit, , where all the streets paved with gold ! " "I think gold is for shit, which are covered with underwear ! " Said Tom GrinnING. "Well, I speck in Brian 's pants before I 'em da return " "Of course!" Enlightened the eyes of Alex above. "In fact, one might ask, idiot out of them! You like to do. " " breakfast or dinner break ?" Smiled Tom. " dinner - because I'm always reminding me yer hand in my pocket this morning, " "to the right in the face.. hold on to them. " Tom said Nigel art and that s only been at the door. "Who is the fat man to talk to ` em then? " " WOT? "Desiring to see Alex. "I know I've seen, but I do not know, do you mean ? " " I do not know. Perhaps he wants to wank art to give a good picture!" Said Tom. "You WOT knows Simon, he told them all the time. " "masturbation ? WOT I do not know you mean! " Alex smiled. "But I heard you do blind. " " And I thought you were the hairy hands ! " "Nigel, wait," the voice was a little encouragement "I mind. 'sees' s" thinking. Well fuck me ! "Art replied without even knowing who he was talking. He turned and saw it was Richard, quiet, life and soul of the other party. "You are cursed with too much brain damage yer mind ! " " Ah yes, a little straw, now that really yer brain damage" stopped Nigel and he turned to the. " I bet you did last night eh? After I was in class with you. " N as much fat as slightly bulbous, sexual Richard was speechless at this time replicas. Never in the center of sexual attention, or subjected to the kind of humor, like art and perfected Nigel returned to lovely shade of red, a little Nigel confirmed the assumption. " Oh... I.. Uumm.. oh shit! " The words he had so carefully test from the time he made the fatal decision the previous night had completely the left. "Shit,shit! " Richard stared at Nelson felt a complete idiot. " WOT is happening are you okay? " Said Nigel really sound as if care. " Come, come with us and tell us yer WOT problem. " N " Let me help you " quietly incontinuous character, was a good nose for sexual issues with as a hound "in yesterday afternoon ? " " WOT.. how? " The fact you sat in the old sperm source here if there was a straw in the class? " Licked type your lips. " And you masturbate all thought a fool yerself night is! " " Wot! You know what? "Richard asked, looking terrified. Vio nervous about if they were not heard. " Who knows ? " ", but I guess I do! But I 'm right, right? Is that just fuckin 'clear innit ? " Art plays his trump card, and transmitted its so particular an n smiles. " You must do with it in class, 'cause WOT Do you really, really wanted was not it? " " Uumm.. yeah! "Began as a kind of magic to attack Richard was nervous, his mouth was open, and he nodded slowly. It was the truth, he would admit, all. " So it was just that it was there last Lolita Top Sites night ! "Nigel blinked and type briefly put an arm around the shoulder of Richard. " Twice was it? " " YER! How do you know ? Inever talked about it before, " croaked the n with a red face, Richard, " which is WOT I wanted... to say.. Do you understand ? " " What? View WOT? "Said Art, with a smile. " I see a happy little bastard ! " " Well, see Nelson, offered to do it with me... and "by a shy, Richard inhibited was very painful to admit," and I thinking about all night.. and I want to... with you.. You? Yet ? That said, right? " " You mean I thought it would and masturbation with a roll me all night ? "Nigel replaced his arm around her shoulder and pulled him. Fast whisper, he said. " Rich, I've always wanted to see in yer pants WOT s white, mostly because they never give us as much as a lightning in the gym I guess that hides a great ! " " Fuck, now I have a hard! "Type with added enthusiasm, never before is a possible state or an asshole super secret in the unfortunate times. " I WOT? Actually, " said Richard seems incredibly pleased with ,. " Oh yer, that really have. Want, " whispered kind to Nigel. " Have a butcher rich, you can do to clean yer hand down my pants and give one, if you! " " Wot! Hand me down yer pants ? Now? " Answered Richard, that sounds almost fear. " If not, I will! " Art said laughing. Klug, Richard found himself unable, a handful of art is hot, bold and sticky genitals look, however, and see that the art of the pants no doubt despite signs of stress, two did not realize captive load! " seems a bit of a starting point to get back " kind of nodded in the direction of the n package now shows in the very gray trouser press. " hhmm.. oh... Yes ! " Despite smile, knowing Richard was deeply ashamed, they placed far from their good and the real reason will never be welcome in the locker room or in connection with any of the jokes sex. However, as other children before him in a true spirit Nigel had made a decision to do something physical in place orn f fantasies only before bedtime. That would be all, no matter how painful or shameful that might be. " Well, no time like the present 'Cause you fuckin' got me now, as good! 're Hot," Nigel said, smiling. "All we are going to swamp our small science block after dinner, and you can jerk us all! This is then!, Right? " "Yes, I need one so soon after " kind of added playing with his erection through his pants. " Looks like you've been on both friend! " " WOT me ?" Richard asked shyly and not believe they said, I was so sexually excited. It was then that he does, what s this had been agreed. " Wot! The Moor... but you do not know what to say today ? " " Hmmm, yes for wanky, wanky ! " Enter a smile reinforces the ban. "Course the hell do! " Richard was in a panic, all events were too fast. left as well. That was not what he had planned. I think it would be easy Nigel was not ready for sex crAved type, charge shorts. Moreover, in their dreams has always been an escape plan should be your nerves and now there would be no escape " Oh yeah!" Nigel increased pressure. "Shit, he gave us all hot now mate. Fuckin 'hell, I just hope they do not believe me cum pants before dinner ! " " Yer, I bet you do not touch down until to meet, " said Art tries to keep laughing n of. "I hope for clean pants for the rich, I like a guy clean pants. " " Oh, certainly not. " Hi Nigel, who quickly had to turn around and pretend \\ \\ n cough, laugh, before he finally stammered. "You know, is rich, his mother always on the lookout to see it in their pants, whether they are clean! " "has made ​​my mother! " Richard snapped. ", looking for points!" Murmured way to explore the display Richards necessarily Slip blotchy sperm, when he moved n it later in a locked cabinet. "Anyway, I respect him a nice little white Y- Front wearing? " Said Nigel. " How do you know tSombrero? "Richard asked naively. If you do not n developed a fetish for lingerie and was not aware that the majority kind mothers have their babies. " I looked at my ball glass. "Said Nigel repeat your favorite joke. Away again and make it to coughing again, as only able to refrain from bursting out laughing. " Wot! "Richard the joke was lost. " Hey, I've seen you wear a vest when changing the gym? "Questions of art tried to change the subject of a successful application to suppress laughter. " the best of my pants. " " Fuck me ! " Growled to himself kind of excitement. " Jacket and matching pants in the fourth grade! " " WOT, vest and pants ! "Nigel echo sounding surprised. His cock jerked long tried to escape from the fly of his pants. " Yeah innit is my mother? " Richard answered not guilty. " He says he must n -users. " " D ' yer jacket to put in yer pants ? "He asked with hope to the kind of reminds urinate West that would be pickled after a reregular elementary school. " Uumm.. sometimes. " Richard replied rather slowly. Not sure if your new friends were found to have a joke at his expense, he decided he did not, and replied honestly. waiting eagerly awaiting the response from Richard, Nigel laid a hand on his his pocket and tried to blow his cock hardening of the tangled free his writings fallen. Finally, add more precum leapt free of the huge stain , ejaculation took place the previous afternoon. instead the same way, had developed a fetish dirty underwear and no taken from them, from the previous morning. Clean smelly, used as long as much to the excitement of what s that come with Richard in the toilet. Knowing that his mother thought he was clean clothes every day praying Nigel, who would not know how to plan use them through until the next day and " Oh, fuck me, he is in a vest ! "Nigel muttered view of art, n seemed to impress the twoout, like him. "Rich, we must go forward, the class today, but we are after dinner is going to seats if not catch break in the morning. " Said Art smiling. "I do not masturbate until then I promise! " " Promise". he said quietly, not had the guts to do in school anyway. Having fallen under the charms of art and was Nigel now no escape. totally embarrassing Richard smiled and laughed as a third new years old, had never expected him to be with two other children who masturbate very the same day. Located in one of its pristine white fronts n the head of his very, very modest member and slides into the cavern, bell-shaped bell. During his erectile dimensions were below the average of One thing that has owned a foreskin was easily twice the size of regulatory n along with the ability to produce quantities of seminal fluid that fast competes, the Nigel n " Well, keep doing," said Nigel lead them down the aisle, " we did not come n a late andimprisonment during the lunch break we do? " " No, "replied Richard and his mouth as the enormity of what was in dry just decided to do gradually sunk in Interestingly, his legs began to feel more weak as it is separated to its own form - spacewalk, was because of the increase in expectations or simply the weight of the seminal fluid which had underpants began delivery \\ \\ n coffee break in the morning, Simon was finally with Tom and Alex?. had caught, and, the outcome of the talks in Toms father, financial statements, such as Alex, Tom must somehow the direction of his father, to see what has been informed by the mother of his ' s. "Whatever WOT so you have to do that," Alex said firmly, " ` make wot said he knows he can not play well with yer mother right? " " No, "I do not spose. "Said Tom scratched his head. " I'll ask tonight then. " " best and let us know. "Said Lolita Top Sites Simon. " Hey, listen now. If this type of the morning mom came downstairs wrapped in a towel to ask the mother to repair zip in your pants ! " " Sounds familiar, " Alex said with a smile. N " Y.. "I asked Tom, think about the light that was Alex blushed short, because the zipper broke even on their own. N " Well, I do not know exactly happened WOT, I was in the across the kitchen, " Simon looked around to see if anyone was listening," but suddenly caught the towel on a chair and fell to the ground and. " " Ooohhh ! "Interrupted Tom, with enthusiasm. " WOT? WOT.. is your penis? "n " It was before mom and dad and wears the white pants and began then Mother mourn for him, a bad boy and my father told me to go and get ready n to the school. " " Damn, do you think she saw his cock, or what? "Alex asked. " I was going to die if my mother saw me. not see " " could, but he always has an erection that does not have? "Simon smiled. " Whatever his trousers not too clean, and could not helped mom ' that! " " WOT, which means cum stains? "Asked Tom, determined to squeeze all the details Simon. " Well, I `u pee innitSpose ? " " WOT happens then ? Go! "N " Take a towel and runs from the room and the father continued to stairs, do not know what goes WOT. "Simon was the breath. " However, the mother of n calmed down a little until then. Sorta told me it was nothing, and that n the bus had to be me. " " Y... Right? "I asked Tom. " is not enough innit! "Simon smiled. " ' Spose so, too bad you do not see the front of his pants was not quite right? " said Alex Simon replied mischievously. " I'll take a look at the laundry basket, is I have to give something to a wash soon! "N " I wish I had a brother. "Said Tom pretty depressed. " WOT you would in your pants! " Simon joked. " Probably " " But I have. "Alex responded quickly put his hand on Tom 's knee. " Yes, I did. "Tom winked and put his hand on Alex. " You're like as well. " searching through them is Simon felt a little embarrassed sitting there, looking in his eyes said it all. Suddenly, Tom looked up and rubbed his sleevehis jacket in Lolita Top Sites the face. "All right ! Sorry, we do not.. If we have Lolita Top Sites no intention of... well.. oh shit! " "Okay, I sorta understand. " Simon also sounded more emotional now bowed timidly laid a hand on each. Alex took a deep breath and smiled. "We all know, right? " " I think so. " Said Simon. " All we are saying that WOT, I have yet art. " " And you're very lucky to have him. " Says Alex blink. "I know that joke n on it, but does not really matter, right? " " Yer, that luvly. " Blink was now his turn to Simon. " And I'd be lost without you," Tom said quietly and looked at Alex 's face, " Well, one of you. " " Oh shit, Please do not start at all! "Alex said to blink again. " No, right. Now look," said Tom, and fixed his eyes swept a time. "Now is the time for a change of subject. Simon, you have the n to the ship on Sunday. " " Oh, shit, I forgot, dass " Simon pulled his face. " WOT I told you! " Alex said Tom. "That's WOT masturbatesdoes for you ! " " Who, me? " " Anyway, who has it? Nigel thought it was, "asked Tom. " Yer, 'tis sure. "Simon scratched his nose. " I 'm going to ask type in HHMM.. I sorta fix ' spose. " " Well, okay, "said Tom, " but it does not, the details of exactly WOT ot if we do, or will be there as a rat, a bloody drain pipe " " Y... Martin, " said Alex. " Well, of course, you are invited. " Tom smiled. "We must ensure that the dass Hey, if I think WOT then feels two small ones. You know Barry and. HHMM.. WOT is his name... Brian is a bit brother. " " is Robbie innit ? "said Alex. "I know we're going to see Brian and WOT others, if we start with them for dinner? " " Yer, good idea. " Said Simon. " When I see the art and are of good humor, could I ask you, 'because he has an obligation to know where Nigel. " " Oh, shit, Lolita Top Sites there's the bell. " Tom wanted to get up. "We're starting to remember after dinner on others. What we do in shorts again? " "Fuckin ' right! "Alex smiled as he looked at Tom. " shorts, " said Simon. N " Yes, yer pants down, and we pull 'em to stop, "replied Alex, rubbing his hardening cock shorts. " So all of this is carried out , while yer yer pants wear is part of the fun. " " Do you have any questions? "Tom asked Alex's example and push for short " Just stuff, "said Simon. " What is the thing? " " Could things Willy fingers or up the ass I do that? "Said Tom laughs. " "A bit like always full ! " Simon nodded, impressed. " I can not wait " hoping someone else could not, was Richard, although he was only waiting for for lunch ! The program was for art and Nigel separately for the two classes before the lunch break, so that their emotions ranging from the abject extreme panic and pleasure. And just to confuse their connection emotional state, there was another persistent pattern had crept into the n to the equation. In short, it was hellos tail! Once fully erect, because conversation with Nigel, who was starting to hurt, although the n in itself did nothing to stop the flow of seminal fluid in a constant state of mother fill his ample foreskin. Under the smart gray trousers once crisp white Y- fronts now was like a wet dishcloth was a little sloppy, if not a little soft as he walked toward the room in question. the only consolation that with a large organ is rarely unnoticed his tent n pants and when not to see the brilliant darkness patch up. The first dinner was always busier than the second. not immediately do art or Nigel into the crowd queuing for food led to Richard his place and eventually found himself seated at a table to eat with Andy n and James, two other children of the same year. According to his corpulent illustration, focused on the demolition of the huge plate of food and, in fact at the point where forgot what delights were in store for him after lunch n. "There, sticking his face. " was the voice of art. Richard froze for a moment when he realizes the revelation n inevitability of his childhood, yet come. with a lot of marks the return to the chairs and art and Nigel sat beside him, while balancing their trays. "What the hell is that? " Asked the type of pressure plate in disbelief. " If fucking n mashed Lolita Top Sites potatoes gray things ? " " Do you mean that the special school fucking grouped " Dad, do you? "Said James. " We think it is. " " But there is a good shit? "Asked Nigel stab a Holocaust object packages lying in a pool of glutinous brown liquid freezing. " No, it sucks ! " Andy said, most of it on your plate. " is the shit ? I will not try that before! "Type of the laughing. " No, shit is not shit! "James laughed. " Are they fucking ass stuff innit ? "Andy made ​​a face. " Sabor they sound! " " meatballs. ", Said Richard tries desperatelyCut the rest cure into small pieces the size of the remains. " Fuckin ' burgers, you and all ! " Art laughed. "Cor, it's not fucking desperate? " James said Richard points, n was all that could fill in the mouth. " You should eat desperate slut would not it? " Said Nigel does not seem to break the skin of the sauce. "WOT is the shit brown stay that way? " " Shit. " James said with some accuracy. "You'll ruin your figure rich, eat plates full of shit like this! " discreetly observed. " Fuck you ! " Answered between a remnant rissole hardened chewing. " Fuckin ' What happens is that our parents will pay for this shit !" Said Andy. "They have been fucking done!" " " It sucks! "James said. " We are already "," hunger strike to boot. Art said, laughing, " fucked up is that no one should bitch" eat anyway " " No, hell with this! "Said Nigel pushed the plate away in disgust. " Even my mother n can cook better than this! " " I do not want? "Asked Richardlooked up from his empty plate in the vicinity. " No, I do not bitch! Lolita Top Sites " Nigel Richard saw his face away from the plate complete. Shaking his head in amazement asked Nigel. " She will not eat is ? " " Yer why not? " Richard Speer achieved rissole offend the third attempt, and that fell on his plate with an accident. The young man looked hungry. He seemed to know of new , not with a dull knife and fork school was able to penetrate the skin " balls of shit! " Said Art slowly. " fucking asshole! " Nigel said slowly. "Fuckin 'hell ! " Andy said slowly. "Fuckin 'mental ! " Said James slowly. Richard ignored him and left with an impossible task trying to cut in it. " So, what's for pud ? " Asked desperate for any form of nutrition and Richard did not see no more hunting of kibble around the plate Nigel. Andy was again : "Is it any fucking better fucking pud ? Have you seen a right? " "You'll fucking love it!" Andy said, before dissolving into laughter. " Nige WOT else could it besauce to go with ass fucking in a fuckin Tuesday? "Said James, laughing. " Fuck knows! "Such a starting point to laugh uncontrollably Nigel. Richard was filling his face nothing ridiculous conversation. " Well, on Tuesday.. and is condemned for ever "... " James was able to finish Set head in his hands and laughed. "Tuesday.. always spotted dick fucked innit ! " Art finally exploded out. "No! WOT with rabbit turds cursed the cream again," said Nigel, who had expected something a little more attractive, if not edible. This is done, no one was able to talk, laughter took over Richard gave way to hard in the ribs, making a very pertinent observation. ", and that is fucking with two lots" spotted dick so good! " " Wot! "Richard stammered all, but was cut in his last kibble rubber relic. escape. ############### ###### ############################# ###### Chapter 66 for follow
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